Solar Misconceptions

Here are some common misconceptions about solar power that often stop homeowners from installing solar panels:

1.  My state doesn’t get enough sunlight to make solar worthwhile.

The image below shows a measurement of the potential each area of the world has for solar power:

Global Solar Power Potential

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As you can see, the entire United States is situated for good to great solar power production.  Even more interesting, compare the map above to actual solar production by country and you will see that Germany currently leads the world even though it has less solar power potential than the USA.

Solar Power by Country: Leaders Per Capita

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2.  Solar Panels Are Too Costly

Most of DIY Rooftop Solar has been devoted to disproving this misconception.  Check out these posts for more information:

Sizing Your Solar Panel System and DIY Solar Kits for estimates on what solar panels will cost you.

What If My Utility Company Doesn’t Offer A Rebate for possible credits that would lower the cost of solar panels.

When looking to lower the cost of your solar panel installation, a helpful tool for investigating what rebates or subsidies your home qualifies for is the DSIRE website.  Here is a link to DSIRE’s interactive chart of financial incentives by state:

Interactive Chart of Financial Incentives for Renewable Energy

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3.  Solar Panels Are Unsightly

I may be biased here, but I think that solar panels can be installed in a way that not only blends in with your home,  but can actually enhance its appearance.  Our home’s solar panels were installed flush with the roof and most people do not even realize that they are there.