Solar Laminate: Quick & Easy Solar?

For homeowners with metal roofs, Solar Laminate appears to be a quick, easy installation option.  While DIYRooftopSolar has not installed this type of panel yet, we are very curious about the possibility.  Especially when panels are being offered at less than 50 cents/watt.

This pricing will likely not last long, but it inspired us at DIYRooftopSolar to do a little research.

According to Sun Electronics, features of these panels include:

  • Architecturally pleasing systems that do not distract from the natural lines of the home
  • Complete design freedom with ridge to eave coverage possible
  • Solar panels are structurally and aesthetically integrated roofing elements
  • Cost effective installation through easy and fast fixing of large area roofing elements using standard installation techniques
  • No back-ventilation of solar panels necessary (lightweight laminates are easy to handle and can be field applied directly on metal)
  • No support structures needed
  • UL Listed as prepared roofing cover
  • Modules and inverter UL Listed
  • Integrated with flat 16” wide (minimum) metal roofing systems
  • Wind and water-tight roof
  • Suitable both for renovation and for new construction
  • 20-year power output and 5-year system warranty
  • Standard junction box or weather-tight quick connect system
  • “Peel & stick” adhesive backing capable of withstanding 160 mph wind loads

The cost savings of eliminating any roof mounting supports alone makes this solar option economically superior.  So here’s your chance as a reader, have you had any experience with solar laminates?