I didn’t seriously consider solar panels until a letter arrived in the mail in 2010.  I was sitting around paying bills one day when I stumbled upon an insert in the electrical utility bill envelope about a new program they were starting called Xcel Solar Rewards.  It looked cool, $2.25/watt reimbursement sounded interesting but I had no cost basis to compare it to.  After a little investigation online into solar panel prices, I found that solar panels were selling for about the same price as the utility rebate  at $2.28/watt.  At that point, the whole idea started to become a lot more economically feasible.

Convincing my husband that we should cover our roof in solar panels would be no small feat.  Now, my hubby is actually much “greener” than I am, so don’t hold it against him.  This is the man who gave me a rain barrel, a compost bin and a bicycle for my last 3 birthday presents and rides his bike to work every day even in the snowy Minnesota winters.  But, the idea of taking on such a huge project seemed too much for him and we knew virtually nothing about solar panel installation so I let it go.

Switching gears, my new “green” project idea became…  chickens!  I decided that not only would chickens make a fantastic addition to our family’s diet and sustainable gardening, but would make excellent pets for the kids.  My son, age 4 at the time, was fully on board with this idea and set about drawing up plans for a chicken coop.

At lunch one Sunday afternoon at the in-laws, my son and I announced to the table our plan for chickens.  Apparently, my husband had had enough of this chicken talk because he declared publicly that he would rather have solar panels than get chickens.

Aha!  I jumped on that bandwagon immediately.  “OK, honey, we’ll do it your way!  Let’s get solar panels!”


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