Who We Are

DIY Rooftop Solar

Welcome to DIY Rooftop Solar, a new blog dedicated to helping homeowners navigate the initially daunting task of installing their own solar panels.

As homeowners ourselves, the DIY Rooftop Solar family installed a 7kW Photovoltaic (PV) system in 2010 and a 3.5 kW PV system in 2012… all without any professional installer help!  We are lucky to have family members “handy” in home repairs as well as familiar with roofing and electrical work.  We are not claiming to be experts in solar design or installation.  We are just homeowners who enjoy DIY home improvement and wish to share our experience with solar installation in hopes of inspiring others and giving them the confidence to try it out themselves.
In this blog, we’d like to help people familiarize themselves with the process of solar installation whether they end up choosing to DIY, hire out a portion, or farm out the entire project to an expert.  Whatever you choose, it helps to be an informed consumer and know your choices.