Helpful Installation Videos

There are a lot of great videos available to help out with your solar panel installation.  We didn’t end up making any videos ourselves during our projects, but we watched videos like these when learning how to install the mounting hardware, panels and inverters.

This one contains a detailed hardware overview along with helpful term definitions for the mounting hardware we used:

Source: Iron Ridge Mounting Hardware Video

Here is a clear and concise installation video for the Enphase Micro-inverters that we Continue reading


Let’s Talk Permits

Building a good relationship with your city’s permit office and inspectors can be very helpful when planning and executing your PV solar panel system.  Visiting the city permit office early in the process allowed us a chance to ask questions and understand what the inspectors would be looking for.

In our case, the inspectors were most concerned with Continue reading

Ideal Rooftops & Utility Rebates

When considering solar panel installation, it is important to consider two questions:

1)  Is my roof exposed to sufficient sunlight?

First, analyze the direction that your home faces and its surroundings.  Is the rooftop unshaded by trees or other buildings?  An ideal rooftop for solar panels would be free of shade and south-facing for the most sun exposure.


Camera 507

Our home has east and west facing rooftops, which are Continue reading